Truth Moment: I’m Starting to Doubt…

… that I’m a REAL adult.


by MeredithBlackPhotography

My co-worker came into my room yesterday and excitedly asked, “Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet?” To which I replied, “What Christmas cards?” {The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind.}

It’s December 5th and I have yet to even take a picture to put on a Christmas card AND I also haven’t made plans to do so, NOR do I really feel like sending them this year.  To be 100% transparent, I sent them out last year (pictured left) because it was our “1st Mr. & Mrs. Christmas”; a joyous occasion, and I felt a little pressure. (Can I re-send our card from last year– or no?)

I’ve honestly never been a Christmas {or any holiday} card sender! Do I have to because I’m a married adult?  Is it a rite of passage? Is that what real families do– every. single. year?  Seems a bit redundant.  

Pondering the Christmas card issue made me think of the many other “Adult” things that I don’t do. Like…

  1. Decorate their homes for holidays and put up Christmas trees
  2. Remember birthdays
  3. Know what they are going to eat for a meal more than 5-10 minutes out
  4. Pack lunches
  5. Watch the news
  6. Talk about babies
  7. Get their cars detailed consistently
  8. Bake things for people at work
  9. Visit the grocery store more than once or twice per month
  10. Paint their nails with neutral colors
  11. Eat at the table
  12. Ask their parents for a favor without using a baby voice
  13. Feel a genuine curiosity about the different types of wine
  14. Grow plants
  15. Check the mail daily

I still have time to grow up, right? Is there something wrong with me?


15 thoughts on “Truth Moment: I’m Starting to Doubt…

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    But please, I doubt it…I’m more of a girl to do things because I feel obligated..unless I don’t feel like it…in which case I just don’t. And I check the mail everyday just beause it’s fun. And the bills aren’t for me. And I’ll probably never eat at the table when I’m old anyways. So YOU’RE GOOD 😀

  3. I say do what makes you absolutely happy. While I would love to see you with children, if you’re not ready you’re simply not ready. As for the holiday season, I’ll be 44 on Monday, and I have NEVER sent cards to anyone. A verbal holiday greeting should suffice. Plants and pets are too much like children, and since I have two of the latter, I choose not to have either of the other. Live life according to your own compass not someone else’s. Love you to life. Oh, and Merry Christmas. That’s as close to a Christmas card as you’re going to get.(lol)

  4. No -F. I said half. And you asked my lovely friend. Annd… No one said today, lol. Start with getting the dog care handled, throw in a plant, ect. You’ll be fine! Also do none if your heart desires. Live life on your own terms! ISUPPORTIT! 😘

  5. As I’m reading your list above, I do 14 out of 15 of those. I on occasion paint my nails a color other than neutral. It’s time Jules. …. time to grow up and gave the music 😉 you’re a married adult.

  6. I consistently do 11 of the 15 above. So I’m saying at least half. Xmas cards however are not required.

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